Online Safety

Online safety entails having the knowledge to manage not only the risks it poses to the safety of private information and property. It is also about the ability to protect oneself from personal cyber attacks in its many forms. Be passionate about Online Safety. Bullying is real. It affects both children and adults. Be a part of the change by not ignoring that it exists.

Managing the Risks on Online Interaction

Whilst our connected world has opened up many positive benefits it is also fraught with challenges such as cyberbullying, sexting, over-sharing and over-use. These challenges are not gender specific and include adults and children alike. Both adults and children often fall prey to online predators.

About the Show

The show provides a platform for discussing the problem and solutions. It is a conversation we should not turn a blind eye to. Pretending it does not exist will not make the problem go away. Because of widespread access to technology, online protection of our children is a role parents must take seriously. Just because your child does not own a device does not mean they don't have access to it. Online safety and protection is everyones business.

About the Hosts
Bridgetti Lim Banda

Bridgetti is a Talk Show Host, on Camera Confidence Coach and Executive Producer who offers Livestreaming as a Service (LaaS). She helps business owners host live events, e.g. town halls, talk shows, brand awareness campaigns and fireside chats. Bridgetti is also a four time #1 amazon international bestselling author.

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