The Cappuccino Club - Inspiring Change through Conversations

The CuppaChino club is the brainchild of Viola Manuel and was started about nine years ago as a means to meet women and to introduce them to each other. From that point forward women who joined got together on an ad hoc basis and had lots of laughs and giggles and many new relationships were forged.

About the Show

Hawa Palekar and Yolanda Mabuto encouraged Viola to use the platform as a more structured space for women to engage with each other on major life and business challenges. And to offer assistance with jobs and work opportunities. In response to this suggestion a WhatsApp social media group was formed. It added tremendous value and has helped many women and their families.

In July of 2019 the CuppaChino Club partnered with B Live Media and an online platform was launched called the CuppaChino Club LIVE: Inspiring change through conversations. The main thrust of the conversations are around networking, challenges in business and how opportunities can be created for others.

Empowering Women


Women in business are invited to join and participate in conversations that cover topics such as:

  • Women in leadership roles in South Africa
  • Women in business today
  • The role of women in growing the economy in South Africa
  • How has BEE and BBBEE affected the role of women in business
  • Why is Women Economic Empowerment still relevant
  • What does a woman in a "decision making position" look like
  • How accessible are female role models outside of mainstream media
  • How prevalent is the “golden skirt” syndrome
  • How do we deal with it
  • What are some practical ways to lift while we rise
  • Boards, Governance and Compliance

About the Hosts
Bridgetti Lim Banda

Bridgetti is a Talk Show Host, on Camera Confidence Coach and Executive Producer who offers Livestreaming as a Service (LaaS). She helps business owners host live events, e.g. town halls, talk shows, brand awareness campaigns and fireside chats. Bridgetti is also a four time #1 amazon international bestselling author.

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