Beyond the Logo

Join us on Beyond the Logo in a conversation with Nancy Lockhart and Bridgetti Lim Banda.

About the Show

Beyond the Logo delivers Marketing, Logo and Positioning Advice for Business Owners and the show is hosted by Bridgetti Lim Banda and Nancy Lockhart.

About the Hosts
Nancy Lockhart

Nancy Lockhart is the founder of Lockhart Marketing and a #1 Bestselling author. She leverages her expertise creating iconic brands like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Target, Kaiser Permanente, and Medtronic with her Law of Attraction life coach training and procedures to help successful woman business owners rebrand their businesses and themselves to become more profitable, successful and purpose driven.

Nancy has spoken and trained numerous corporate audiences from The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), the California Association of Health Plans, Clubhouse and countless organizational trainings on the importance of culture, brand and self worth in the business environment. Her book, Invisible No More, Invincible Forever More is a testament to the resiliency of women and demonstrates the power of redefining who you are and creating successes beyond belief.

Bridgetti Lim Banda

Bridgetti is a Talk Show Host, on Camera Confidence Coach and Executive Producer who offers Livestreaming as a Service (LaaS). She helps business owners host live events, e.g. town halls, talk shows, brand awareness campaigns and fireside chats. Bridgetti is also a four time #1 amazon international bestselling author.

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