B Live Media Services

Livestreaming as a Service (LaaS)

Almost 3 billion people and counting are consuming video content on their devices. B Live Media helps brands position their products and services to people at a time and manner thats convenient to them and helps them grow their online community.

Your Challenge:

You don't have the time, skills or resources to set up and create a professional live stream. You don't know which tools work best and you don’t have the capacity to do the research or learn the tech stuff.

Our Solution:

Many brands, entrepreneurs and executives don't produce their own livestreams or simply avoid going live because they don’t know how to get started. This is where B Live Media comes in. We help you take the guesswork out of live streaming so you can focus on delivering engaging content to your client base, network with peers and build an online community.

We offer a remote livestream production service and we keep abreast with the latest developments and technologies available in the livestreaming community to provide you with the best possible livestream experience.

Our remote livestream production service offering:

Pre-show, in-show and post-show production. We take away the pain of figuring out all the tech that goes with livestreaming. This includes how to advertise your show down to the exact requirements for guests on your show and repurposing your content.

We offer a step by step service:

  • 1. Pre-production run-through
  • 2. Meet the guests in the greenroom and check camera position, lighting, sound, connectivity issues.
  • 3. Bring them onto show and rotate guests on screen.
  • 4. Display Banners & Tickers
  • 5. Manage Pre-Show Setup
  • 6. Scheduling your Live Video or Recording
  • 7. Guest Guide
  • 8. Intro/Outro Video
  • 9. Manage Pre-Show and Live Show
  • 10. A post-event video and audio recording
  • 11. Simulcasting
  • 12. A host to anchor the show (Optional Extra)

Livestreaming as a means to engage with clients and staff and to build trust in your brand typically entails a six-month commitment with one livestream per week. Schedule a 30 minute discovery call with Bridgetti to talk it through!